Postcard from Tokyo….

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Compared with the experience of the auto journalists on this trip I’m a complete newbie, but I’m looking forward to the Tokyo Motor Show.

The video above should help you understand why…

It’s the first night in Japan and I’m getting down with the culture at a Japanese tea ceremony – not bad range of movement for my steel knees!


I’m having a great time at the Tokyo Motor Show. I drive a car but, like most I guess, have little idea what a multitude of design ideas and disciplines go into making it.

I’ll be honest, I usually buy a car that I: a) can afford, b) like the look of, and c) can expect to do the task.

Usually in that order.


I have been doing a great disservice to the engineers that make these wheeled miracles: chemists, physicists, ecologists, ergonomic engineers, electrical engineers, computer gurus, mechanics, artisans and I guess hundreds of different more folk with degrees in ‘ics’ and ‘ologies’.

In much the same way as non-medics don’t like to think too hard about what goes on under the skin of their own bodies, I’ve given scant regard to what might happen under the bonnet of a car or in the tread of its tyres or the padding of its seats.

Thankfully some very clever people do that for us. As I say, I’m having a great time at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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